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Serverstart 07.October.2022!24.09.2022 von [SA]cream

Dear players,

We are proud to inform you that the official server launch is now known.
We will start on 07 October, we will in form you about a concrete time. Our presentation has been published in various forums.
Furthermore, an invite event was started, where you can get coins ! More information in the Discord.
If you would like to support us further, you can also do so by voting on the toplist.

Serverstart: 07. October 2022 - Time will be announced

We thank you very much for your support ❤️ !!

Beta Start!23.03.2022 von [SA]cream


Our beta server is now online.
During the beta, channel 1 + 2 are online.

If you have any suggestions for improvement during the beta, feel free to share them in Discord.

we wish you a lot of fun.
kind regards, your Antares team

Server Status
Channel 1 online
Channel 2 online
Channel 3 online
Channel 4 online
Channel 5 online
Channel 6 online
Server statistics
Accounts created: 38 196
Characters created: 38 268
Only the best!
1 Dimka94 Chunjo 105
2 #TOP# Sir Kush Shinsoo 105
3 xKingZeroin Jinno 105
4 Yamatoo Chunjo 105
5 CleytenX Chunjo 105
6 # ~BE T O X I C ~ # Chunjo 105
7 xXChicksoXx Chunjo 105
8 MDMA Chunjo 105
9 RAGN4R Chunjo 105
10 Bettkante Chunjo 105